Daily Journey Journal #32: happiness check-in

In this moment, as I sit here are the table writing, I am perfectly happy. The kettle in the kitchen is bubbling, the fan humming, my music playing softly. The laughter of my students as they stuffed watermelon into their mouths still echoes in my ears. I can see the juice trailing down their fingers and arms, dripping onto the floor while their smiles, bright and wide, bounce around the school. Pictures of joy, each and every one of them. Today was a beautiful day and I am still basking in the pure happiness of it, the complete happiness of all our lives flowing together in shared memories of watermelon and word games.

On this journey of happiness I am riding on a high. June overall has been a month of happiness. Yes, there have been days of grumpiness, days of exhaustion, days with no patience and days with little laughter. But, those days have been few and the strength of the happy days has outweighed them by far. I am thankful for the adventures and wanders of the month, the shared days of perfection with my students and A, the smiles that found their way into each day. In the next month I am looking forward to more adventures, some of the last we will have in Korea and to more moments like today. Fingers crossed I survive the ever increasing levels of humidity as we slide into July and the bogginess of full-on summer in Korea.

I hope you had/are having a splendid Friday!



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