Daily Journey Journal #29: happy headlines

When you hear the word ‘news’, do you think of happy information or information on the more negative side of the spectrum? Is the news more of miseries or joys? To me it feels like so much of our news coverage in the United States focuses on the negative, on all the things wrong with the country and the world. Reading all those stories makes me temporarily lose hope for the future, but only temporarily because I remember that even through they go unreported, good things happen every single day. Today for my journal I went in search of positive headlines. In my brief perusal I found some great headlines that piqued my interest, made me hopeful and radiated happiness in some manner. Here are a few of today’s positivity snippets from the news:

Mozambique to be free of landmines by end of 2014

Sudan frees woman on death row for apostasy

At School, Turning Good Food Into Perfectly Good Compost

De Blasio Brings Back a Mayoral Tradition: Performing Marriages

Oral Vaccine for Cholera Found Effective in Africa

Obama to visit letter writer in Minnesota

U.S. Honors Korean Fighter Against Sex Trafficking

Barack Obama lance une stratégie nationale pour sauver les abeilles-(Obama starts a strategy to help save bees)

What could be better than the end of landmines, freedom for someone who deserves it, people and leaders doing beautiful acts of kindness and working towards better the world for people and the environment? While the past may leave scars its wounds do not have to be permanent or endless. I think today’s headlines really speak to that. What do you think? Have you seen any headlines that have given you hope lately?

I hope this week is shaping up to be great. Just in case it isn’t, check out this awesome dancing video and if it is, the dancing video will add some more brightness to your day.

Until tomorrow!



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