Daily Journey Journal #26: summer lovin’

Cosmos Bee

Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. And, it is the start of summer! For me, summer is one of the best times of year because it revives life after long winters and windy springs (at least in Wyoming). While summer may not have arrived yet in Wyoming (sorry everyone!) it is flourishing quite beautifully in Korea. In honor of summer officially commencing, I would like to share the biggest reasons I adore summer.

  2. Fruit season- peaches, plumbs, watermelon, melon…so many delicious opportunities
  3. Fun in the sun via hiking, biking and running
  4. Lazy afternoons in the park
  5. Frolicking in lakes and rivers, and perhaps the random melting snowbank
  6. Iced coffee
  7. The sense of joy and peace that seems to fall over everything
  8. Family barbeques
  9. People are more upbeat and chipper (all that sunshine does amazing things for happiness)
  10. Farmers’ markets
  11. Breakfast on the porch
  12. Cool mornings, warm days and cool evenings
  13. Sunsets over the mountains
  14. Walking around the neighborhood after dinner simply because it is still light enough to do so
  15. The greater sense of adventure and freedom that floods my system urging me to try new things
  16. Increased optimism
  17. The 4th of July party in the park in my hometown which almost the entire town attends
  18. The smell of freshly cut grass
  19. Thunderheads building on the horizon
  20. Middle of the night thunderstorms
  21. Gardens with bees buzzing, flowers blooming and plants springing up out of the groud
  22. Photographing bees in the garden
  23. Eating raspberries off the bush
  24. Picking dinner straight from the garden
  25. The way the world turns from grey to light green to all manner of colors so it feels like living in a Monet painting rather than a pencil sketch

What are your favorite parts of summer?

Happy summer everyone! Enjoy the longest day of 2014!



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