Daily Journey Journal #24: a beginners guide to…

…happy early (um…earlier) mornings!

Mornings are not the easiest time of day for me. Although they have vastly improved from my teenage years, getting myself out of bed and fully conscious is a rather lengthy process requiring quite a bit of coaxing. Lately, I have been sleeping in far more than I would like to and so I am striving to leave bed a bit earlier for the next few weeks. Thus, a self-guide on vacating the blankets before 9 a.m. is necessary.

Step 1: Before going to bed, set two alarms half an hour apart with your sound of choice. Place the alarm across the room from the bed or the snooze button will be pushed an embarrassing number of times in the morning.

Step 2: Go to sleep! Relax, think calming things. Find a positive from the day and a positive for tomorrow to focus on. Let go of worries. Wiggle about until you find your comfy position, maybe the yearner or starfish and snuggle into it before drifting off. Wonder what your sleeping position says about you? Why not find out in the morning by watching this cool video as you wake up?

Step 3: Sleep, sleep, sleep until the first alarm goes off, yanking you from slumber (hopefully it is a gentle yank!). Take a moment, if needed, to prop eyes open and adjust to the morning. Crawl from bed and turn off the alarm, then evaluate your well-being. Sometimes the short walk from bed to the alarm is enough to shake away the sleepies. If so, proceed to step 6. If not, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Leave the alarm across the room and go back to bed for 30 minutes. Think happy thoughts as you drift off.

Step 5: Alarm two pulls you awake. Take a moment to let the remnants of dreams settle then get up, shut off the alarm and leave the bedroom, or you’ll crawl right back into that lovely, waiting bed and it will be approaching 9:30 before you know it. Perhaps you feel good now. If not, do not worry. The haze of tired will wear off before you know it.

Step 6: Set the kettle on the stove to make a beverage of your choice. Begin visualizing the day. What great things will happen? What things are you looking forward to? What are your plans?

Step 7: Drink your warm beverage, continue visualizing and allow the stupor of sleep to wear off, perhaps with some mindless, yet positive activity, like watching that video from step 2 or maybe something less mindless, like gentle yoga stretches or meditation.

Step 8: Make breakfast. Maybe a pancake or two? Eggs? A fruit smoothie? Yogurt with nuts, berries and granola? Whatever floats your boat! Let it be something that awakens your taste buds, gives you energy and fills you with positivity about you, your choices and your day. Guilt or worries are not an appropriate breakfast dish.

Step 9: Add the last touches to your beautiful visualization of the day.

Step 10: Begin the day! Wear a smile and off you go.

Have a happy morning!!


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