Daily Journey Journal #20: breaking the routine

How easy it is to fall into the daily rut, following the same routine every day. Wake up, run, write,  coffee, work, dinner, write, sleep and all over again. There is comfort in routine, this is true. In most lives routine is almost unavoidable. It just happens. But, sometimes it can become mind numbing. The predictability of the day causes minds to become frozen, sluggish. This is the one thing about routine that gets to me. I love the stability of daily practices, daily habits, but I grow weary of knowing almost exactly the path each day will follow.

During university, one of my favorite things was that the daily grind changed every four months-new classes, new lessons, new teachers. My mind was always changing gears, stretching this way and that. New information, new thoughts, new ideas were always forming. I loved those moments of epiphany when everything came together and I reached a new level of clarity about something. I miss that in my post-university life. Writing helps my mind stay nimble, this is true, but I am feeling the need to challenge myself in a new way. So, what better to do than a 30 day challenge of some sort?!

There are so many challenges to try. For a few minutes I looked at some challenge ideas fellow bloggers and internet writers have done. I liked the idea of making myself wake up early every day, but I am not sure that will really challenge me mentally except for adding to my continual state of exhaustion. So, a challenge yes, but not exactly what I am looking for. There were a few others that piqued my interest like making a piece of art a day for 30 days, reading a chapter a day, studying an era of history and doing a math problem a day. But then I thought about some of my long-term goals.  Could I begin on one of those? Yes! Yes I can! Re-learn French!

So, here we go! For the next month A and I are going to work on re-learning French. Now, 30 days is a really short time to learn anything, so we’ve decided that over the course of these next few weeks we are going to attempt to read Dan Brown’s Inferno together in French. The going will be slow, oh so slow, but it will get faster the more we read, right? Fingers crossed!  New words, remembered grammar points, a new story. What could be a better challenge for the start of summer?

Off to read! À bientôt!



4 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #20: breaking the routine

    • 🙂 I’m having a hard time keeping up with Writing 101 right now too, but that’s ok. I’m just doing what I can and not worrying about the rest 🙂

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