Daily Journey Journal #19: positive person

This week one of my former and favorite teachers passed away. He was an incredible person and left a positive mark on my life. Today for my journal I am sharing my tribute to him. May he rest in peace.

In the journey of life our paths cross thousands of others. Some paths cross yours with little notice. They come and they go. Other paths cross your own and forever change your journey. They so greatly make a difference that you will never forget the time your paths traveled side by side. It is those people you will remember for the rest of your life.
Mr. Falgien was one such person in my life. It has been many years now since I have seen him, but I can still remember his kindness, his smile, his energy for teaching, and his deep care for each and every life he encountered. I remember being nervous and slightly scared that first day of second grade, but the moment I set foot in the classroom and saw Mr. Falgien’s smile I knew my worries were all for naught. His smile said it all.
It has been seventeen years since I was that second grader, but I can still remember his class. Some of my fondest memories from that year are of Mr. Falgien reading to us. I loved the way his voice sounded as he read from The Phantom Tollbooth and Naya Nuki. He made those stories come alive and ignited our interests in reading, in stories. He drew our interests into as many things as possible, encouraging and helping us in any way he could. His classroom was filled with the mutual love and adoration between him and his students. It was a place we rushed to, excited to start the day and excited to see our teacher.
The world has lost an amazing, generous, selfless person and I am so, so sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts, condolences and love go out to all of his family, friends and former students. I am so lucky to have known him and will miss the brightness he brought to our community. Rest in peace, Mr. Falgien. You are and will forever be, one of the greatest people to touch my life.



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