Daily Journey Journal #17: make you smile

Today was a mixed bag of emotions for me. I woke up in a happy content state, but by the time I left work I was completely frustrated with Boss. The details aren’t important really. It was just another day of struggling in the patriarchal world of the school. So, when I left I was all but spewing fire and barely keeping the angry tears at bay. I knew coming home and trying to write would be pointless, so I headed down the street to walk off my steam. The streets were still wet from the early evening rain, a full moon was rising above the mountains and groups of people were out in front of restaurants, smoking and talking. I passed them by, heading for a park frequented by walkers at night. As I neared I could hear music of the upbeat sort drifting in the air. Sporadic chant-singing bounced along with it. There is a partially enclosed stage at the park and I thought perhaps a dance group of some kind was out practicing.

I neared the park from behind the stage and entered the stream of walkers flowing around the track. My steps quickened to keep pace with the cluster of walkers in which I found myself. As we came around the side of the stage I realized that it wasn’t a dance group per se, but rather a dance exercise group. Twenty or so women were spread on out the basketball court in front of the stage mimicking the movements of one woman standing on stage. The moment I saw them my negativity melted into a smile. Even from afar I could see their joy. The way they raised their arms, kicked out their legs, bounced their hips that said it all. They took me back to a dance energy class I took last year to relieve stress and suddenly I had the urge to join them. In the dark no one would notice me.

Perhaps another night. Another time.

As I finished my circuits around the park and headed back to the street, I left with a smile. Sometimes all it takes is seeing others enjoying life to brush away the un-enjoyable and bring back the joy of living.

See you tomorrow!



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