Writing 101 Day #7: Give and Take

Rise and shine! It’s a lovely day. The sun is even out today. Yay! A nice run in the woods sounds good. Try that new trail.  In a bit.

Stumble from bed to the kitchen table. Turn on computer. Check Facebook.

– Good morning, how are you?

–Good, sleepy.

Yawn. Eyes blurry. Brush away the sleep.

-Did you have a restful night’s sleep?


-And how are you feeling about your body today?

Eyes snap open. Back straight.

–Well, that’s a bit personal, don’t you think?

-Do you feel good about it? You should.


-That’s the most important rule to remember. Love your body.

–Right, ok. I’ll keep that in mind.

-Really, check out this inspirational video! She used to be a model and now she looks like this. Best before and after pictures ever, right? She is happier looking like this.

–Wow! That was inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

-Like that? Look at this too! 40 promises every woman should make to her body. Good, right? Especially #29, stop looking for validation or cues in the pages of magazines, or on movie or television screens.

–Good one. Most of that is Photoshopped anyways, right?

-Like in these photographs? Look at how tiny her waist is.

–That is crazy! I can’t beleive-

-Oh, look at this article! How yoga taught me to love my body.

–Um…I never said I hate my body.

Moving on to the weather now. Sunny with a chance of rain tonight. Not bad.

-Wait, look at this. You’ve got to check out how to gain the most benefits from your workout for weight loss.

–I’m not sure losing weight is really in my best interests…


–What’s that supposed to mean? Didn’t you just say to love my-

-Why not find out about the one routine guaranteed to make you beautiful?

–I think I’ll just go make a smoothie now.

Beep. Facebook message from Mum.

-A smoothie? How about an organic, vegan, super green smoothie like this one here?

–No, that looks gross, thanks.

-Maybe an alternate to green smoothies?

–I’ll stick to banana mango.

Check the news really fast. See what is happening in the world. More shootings in the US.

-Banana?! First look at this list of 10 foods women should never eat. Might want to think again.

–Erm…no thank you. I like bananas.

-Perhaps this list? 13 foods people think are healthy but actually are terrible for you.

–Really, I just want my smoothie.

Into the kitchen. Blender, fruit, yogurt. All set for breakfast.

Beep. Another message from Mum.

-Oh hey, you’re back. Look what I found while you were gone. 10 superfoods you should be eating weekly. Oh! And 41 powerhouse fruits and vegetables you should eat regularly.

–Wait. Wait…half of these things were just on that list of 10 things women shouldn’t-

-Whoa! Have you seen this? A 21 day bikini body plan.

–A what?!

-Speaking of bikinis, need some tips on getting that body beach ready? Here are 12. Or these ones. How dancers get lean, tone bodies.

–I’ll pass. Really, I’m content with-

-Maybe those sound a bit too intense? How about training like Jennifer Aniston? You could get her body. Like this one of her here!

–That’s probably not real…

-No? Alright then, how about a 5 minute fat blaster?


-A best butt workout?


Beep. Another message.

-The no diet, no workout prescription for a flatter belly?

–That’s a hoax. I think I’m going to go for a-

-Wait, wait. First, how about these??

5 exercises you should do way more of?

The #1 rule of fitness?

Lose your belly fat with just 2 exercise moves?

9 butt exercises for a super-toned tush?

The ultimate beach body workout?

56 ways to start losing weight today?

–ENOUGH! I am going for a run now and not for my belly. Not for a beach body. Not for a my butt.

-A run? You really need to read this. Should you mix walking into your runs?

–I’m leaving now!

-Wait! Maybe the total body exercise you should master would be-

Windows is shutting down.


4 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day #7: Give and Take

  1. Hehehe thanks! I realized yesterday that more than half the posts on my Facebook newsfeed were in the vein of body image and too many of those posts were about hating your body and ways to improve it. So, I cleaned up Facebook and wrote my story 🙂

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