Daily Journey Journal #16: in your heart today

Today Wyoming, my sweet, sweet Wyoming, is in my heart. I woke up this morning to an email from my Dad linking to a beautiful time-lapse video of my home state. Watching snow-capped mountains, golden prairies and the wide sky drift by opened the longing I’ve kept at bay these last few months. Korea has been a fabulous place to live. It is full of lovely people and places, grand adventures and awesome experiences, but I simply can’t escape my roots. I miss seeing the mountains in the distance, my sight un-fogged by smog; I miss the feel of mountain wind against my face, the smell of clean, clear air; I miss the way the sky opens up, a sea of perfect blue dotted with cloud islands. I miss understanding and knowing what to expect in each season, feeling connected to my surroundings in a way that is simply impossible for me in the city. Wyoming is part of who I am- part of my body, soul and mind. It will always hold a place in my heart and those beautiful landscapes will forever be calling me home.





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