Daily Journey Journal #14: happy blogging spaces

Several months ago when I started SnapThoughts, I was thinking primarily about a space for me to create and explore my passions through photography and writing. Little did I know what was waiting for me on the other side. While blogging has undoubtedly given me a creative space, it also gave me an unexpected gift: a strong, supportive and upbeat community in which to share our life stories. Each and every day I am thankful for the connections I’ve made and I love reading all of the stories, seeing the photos and watching such a positive community thrive. Last month during the Blogging 101 session I posted about several bloggers that have made an impression on me. I would like to add onto the post here and share a few more blogging spaces that have really touched me.

In no particular order, some of my favorite blogs and bloggers:

Because I can ~ Pavanneh provides such a positive, hopeful outlook on life, even in her tough-situations stories. I like her honesty, her kindness and her perspective on life. She is an incredible person and I have been so lucky to have such support and encouragement from her. Her blog is a daily dose of positivity. Thanks Pavanneh!

Bob and Emily ~ This is, without a doubt, one of the funniest, most heartfelt blogs I have had the opportunity to read. Nikki’s stories are always amazing, whether they are hilarious, intense, passionate or glimpses into her life. I love her style and the way she tells about her life. Every time I read her blog I find myself smiling and my day is that much happier.

Perspectives on life, the universe and everything~ Beautiful photography and poetry pairings can be found here. I love the sophistication and beauty of the work. If your day is feeling grey, any of the posts are sure to brighten it.

The Indecisive Eejit ~ First off, I just love the name! Plus, the stories are all great personal perspectives on the world. I love reading about other people’s lives and the Indecisive Eejit provides such a humorous look at situations.

Millie Anne Lowe ~ MillieAnne is a fabulous story teller. Lately I have been enjoying her The Serial Killer of Bush Street stories and am excitedly anticipating the next part. I love the way she crafts the stories of her life into short literary treasures.

If you have a minute, I would for sure suggest checking out these amazing blogs!

There are so many other blogs and bloggers in the community who I have loved connecting with and who have added so much to my experience. I feel so lucky to be part of such a fabulous community. Thank you all!

À bientôt!





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