Daily Journey Journal #12: today was…

Today was quite a day. It was perfect and painful, joyful and exhausting. It was everything I love to do on a Saturday- a hiking photography adventure, complete with a train ride, coffee and new sights.

Over this long weekend we were struggling to figure out what to do. Our initial idea was to go to the beach, but all the hotels were booked. Next we thought maybe a temple stay would be awesome (it would!), but we needed to apply at least two days ahead of time, so that was out too. After much hum-ing and ha-ing we set our sights on hiking in Jirisan, Korea’s first national park located a mere 40 miles from Yeosu by car. My friend had been wanting to hike there for a while, but didn’t necessarily want to go alone, thus we put our energy together to figure out how to get there (sans car, as neither of us have our own vehicle here) and made a plan. Our plan included a train at 8:30 a.m., two bus rides and possibly a taxi or two to get to the park entrance. From there, it’d be all wandering and losing ourselves on the mountain.

When presented with the plan A was a little less than excited about our early departure. Early morning just isn’t his favorite thing, especially when it involves hiking. Fortunately, I woke up on the perky side of the bed and with some convincing, A was up. Shortly after we headed out into the foggy-smoggy morning for our mountain frolic. And frolic we did (after almost two hours of travel!), past temples, over boulders and through the woods. To our surprise, the trail we were on was primarily comprised of overly sizes stones jumbled together, which made our going a bit slow. Unfortunately, that stopped us from reaching a peak, but it did give us a chance to really slow down and smell the trees, river and earth around us. And now, fourteen miles later, my feet and legs are rubber and I am dog tired, but happy, oh so happy!

Foggy mountainsThis week on Everyday Trifles, look for more pictures from our adventure!

See you tomorrow,



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