Writing 101 Day #3- writing practice

Yesterday when I sat down to write I just couldn’t figure out what to put on the paper. There are so many songs I love, so many songs that mean something do me. How could I pick? Should I write about Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds? Moloney O’Connell and Keane’s There were Roses? Fun.’s Some Nights? Or a new favorite, Water Fountain by Tune-Yards? Feeling overwhelmed by the choice, unsure of where to start and battling off the grumpies due to a long day at work, I put the prompt aside in favor of my pillow.

I woke up feeling utterly like a crab bucket buried in sunshine. I wanted to smile truly, be joyful and frolic, but the grumpies were holding on with all their might. My mood troubles were alleviated a bit by a long run, but I still wasn’t sure what to write and my spirits were feeling not top notch (though buoyed by a good experience while running). As I was toweling off after my shower I heard A singing ever so quietly while playing chess online, which he often does. For some reason chess opens up his musical mind and songs just come out in scattered words and humming. This morning it was words and they drifted from the dining room table to where I was standing just inside the kitchen.

We might not have any money…but we’ve got our love to pay the bills…hmm mmm mmm…let’s get rich and build our parents’ homes in the south of France…hmm mmm mmm…

Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I. Our song. Immediately my muscles relaxed and a smile melted away the frown. The crabby me sulked away for those few minutes while I basked in the simple joy of those quirky words coming from the man I love. Even sung so quietly and ever so slightly out of tune, it was perfect. A perfect answer to my mood issues and a perfect answer to my prompt dilemma.



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