Daily Journey Journal #10: favorite color

Most days blue is my go-to color. I love it. Blue skies, blue walls, blue cloth, clothes, paint; everything and anything blue. It is calm to me, peaceful and soothing. Today, however, blue wasn’t the color that stuck with me. Rather, my run on the mountain trails this morning pulled me into the green world of new summer life. Green filled my sight, gave my mind peace and set my heart soaring. Green, lovely, beautiful green. A color of vibrant life.

Green, green all around
Side to side and overhead
Layered light to dark

Leaves, trees, flowers too
No heavy grey sky above
Only leaves so green

Pull me in, flash past
Fill my lungs, eyes, body and soul
Grey city now lost

Green, green all around
In new leaves and tender grass,
In my body, my soul










Until tomorrow!




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