Daily Journey Journal #9: interesting facts about you

So much of who comes from where I grew up and the place I call home. It’s where I found my passions in life and it shaped the personality I call my own. In honor of my hometown and in recognition of today’s Writing 101 challenge, I’d like to present to you Laramie, Wyoming.

  1. Laramie is located in the northern Rocky Mountains. It is surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and the trails closest to town are a mere 10 minute drive away.
  2. The elevation in town is 7,200 feet.
  3. Hiking, mountain biking, road biking, running, skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding are intense passions for the majority of the population.
  4. The population is 30,000 including the almost 14,000 students who attend the University of Wyoming.
  5. The town is approximately 6 miles by 6 miles.
  6. The University of Wyoming is the only 4 year institution of higher education in Wyoming and it brings people from all over the world to Laramie.
  7. There are a variety of restaurants including vegetarian, sushi, Indian, Thai and Mexican.
  8. Most families have at least one person working at or attending the university.
  9. It was established by the railroad which runs through downtown. Trains loaded with coal rattle past all hours of the day shaking the windows of the facing shops.
  10. It begins snowing in September some years and stops as late of June. This year the most recent snowstorm happened on May 14 and lasted three days.
  11. It is possible to garden in Laramie, despite the snow, and gardening is becoming quite popular. There are several community gardens at parks, in yards (including my Mum’s front yard) and the cemetery (don’t worry-it isn’t over any graves!).
  12. Many of the buildings downtown used to be brothels.
  13. The Territorial Prison west of downtown once housed infamous old west outlaw Butch Cassidy.
  14. There are nearly 15 different establishments from which to purchase good coffee within city limits.
  15. The tallest buildings are the 12 story dorms, which also happen to be the tallest buildings in the entire state.
  16. Wind blows all year long and is a constant companion in all aspects of life.
  17. It rains very seldom and has virtually nonexistent humidity.
  18. There are seven elementary schools, one junior high and one high school.
  19. The high school has two ski teams, alpine and nordic, along with the normal high school sports teams.
  20. The sun shines nearly everyday.
  21. Any air pollution is generally swept away by the wind.
  22. The next closest town is 30 miles away and has a population of 100.
  23. Drinking water comes from the underground aquifer and is positively delicious.
  24. There is no mall. The closest mall in 50 miles away in the capital of Wyoming, Cheyenne.
  25. Summer time is full of running races and biking events.
  26. In the summer there are two farmers’ markets, one at a park and one downtown.
  27. A branch of a community college based in Cheyenne operates in Laramie and offers English as a Second Language classes which is awesome because in one class there are students from over twelve different countries sharing their lives and culture.
  28. A greenbelt follows part of the Laramie River and is a great place for walking, roller blading and running.
  29. Sunsets are gorgeous in the summer. There is something about the way the colors splash over the Snowy Range mountains while the sun falls away.
  30. Wild animals sometimes wander into town, particularly antelope in the winter and racoons which like to lurk in the sewers and crawl into chimneys once in a while.

See you tomorrow!



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