Daily Journey Jornal #7: short term goals

Ahhh!! It’s already June! That means my time is Korea is rapidly approaching its end. In four months I’ll be saying goodbye to the lovely mountains and coast of Yeosu to return to my beautiful Rocky Mountain home. That seems pretty crazy to me.

Up until October, my life is pretty straight forward: teach, hike, teach, run, teach, visit the beach, teach. After that however, it’ll all be a new adventure. As such, when I think about short term goals right now time falls into two categories: the months until my teaching contract ends and then everything after that. My current short term goals all fall within that first category, as it is as far as I can currently imagine and foresee in my life. Who knows where the path will take me come October.

My short term goals for the next four months:

  1. Eat real dinner at least four times a week and try to cook most of those dinners. I know a 1-9 p.m. work schedule isn’t exactly conducive to regular dinner, but you’ll feel happier and healthier if you eat more than crackers and carrot sticks for dinner.
  2. Go to Monday morning demoralization sessions meetings with a smile on your face rather than dread. Find a happy place and stay there no matter what happens as arguing and standing your ground is futile in this situation. Just keep smiling, smiling, smiling.
  3. Find a way to maintain happiness and outdoor activities despite the summer rains. Rain won’t kill you and grey skies are a silly reason for dampened spirits.
  4. Update your blog about Korea one time a week, even if it just a short blip. It needs love too.
  5. Send your grandmothers letters once a month. They don’t have computers so they can’t read about everything on the blog. Besides, who doesn’t love getting a handwritten letter?

À bientôt!



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