Daily Journey Journal #6: a list of your favorite things

In no particular order, some of my most favorite things in the world:

  1. late afternoon sunlight streaming through an open window
  2. the smell of coffee brewing in the French Press
  3. cuddling in the morning’s early hours when sleep still weighs heavy on us
  4. spending all day lost in the world of a good book
  5. warm, fuzzy ski socks on a cold winter night
  6. giant hoodies when I am sick
  7. running on mountain trails
  8. coffee dates
  9. drinking cool water during a hot day
  10. handwriting on notes, shopping lists, journals and paper in general
  11. the perfectly happy feeling of exhaustion after a long hike, run or bike adventure
  12. writing highs
  13. early summer tan lines
  14. the night before a trip
  15. talking with my mum, in person and over skype
  16. walking the dog on the prairie, in the mountains or around the neighborhood
  17. the feel of wind on my face on hot summer days
  18. warm days and cool nights
  19. going on picture taking adventures
  20. finishing projects and tweaking them to ‘perfection’
  21. breakfast at my da and step-mom’s house
  22. photo editing apps
  23. reading relationship advice, just for funsies
  24. going to office stores and looking at all the pens and notebooks
  25. riding on trains
  26. playing games with my family
  27. dinner with my family, both immediate family members and the whole group
  28. taking my nephew swimming
  29. superhero movies
  30. cat and cow in yoga

What are your favorite things? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

À bientôt!



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