Daily Journey Journal #5: life mantra

Daily Journal

I am not a particularly religious person and I’m really not sure about the idea of a divine plan, but I do believe that most everything in my life happens for a reason. When I need courage, when difficulties are dragging me down I remind myself that things don’t happen simply to make my life miserable. They are there for me to learn from. Believing that things happen for a purpose is a way of telling myself that everything will work out in the end, no matter how stressful, sad, difficult or horrid the situation. I believe that most bad situations have a silver lining but sometimes it takes a while to understand that silver lining. Having faith in and believing that things happen for a reason gets me to that silver lining.

In light of the recent events in California and in consideration of the daily hardships of impoverished lives, I do not know how much this belief is true for every individual. It is painful thinking of the tragedies faced by so many families and people who have fallen victim to shootings in the US in recent years. It is gut wrenching thinking of the men, women, and children around the world who starve, perish from treatable disease and are never given a chance to truly live. If I traded places with any of these individuals, I do not know if I would have this faith I have now. I do not know if I would believe that the pain and terrible situations of my life were happening for a reason. I do know that as an outsider looking in, I can learn from these situations and support causes that seek to bring them to an end so that all people have the chance to believe that the things that transpire in their lives are there to better them as human beings rather than destroy them.

Do you have a mantra for life?

See you in June!



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