Daily Journey Journal #1: who are you today?

Daily Journal

Today I’m a bouncy smiling weirdo with far too much energy and an endearing quality that keeps A around, despite his sigh-filled bemusement. That’s not really that different than who I was yesterday or the day before, or the week before that or… really who I’ve been becoming the last few years. Turning another year older only seems to add to my oddities, rather than lessen them, but that’s ok with me. Oddities make life more interesting, or at least far more amusing (who doesn’t need a new animal identity every few days?!). Besides, escaping them isn’t really an option. Weirdness is in the genes and there’s no changing that, thankfully.
Today marks my twenty fourth year of life. Twenty four. For some reason, that seems infinity older than twenty three, yet I don’t feel older in the slightest. If anything I feel younger, but that might be due to the promise of impending coffee and sugar filled yumminess that has me jumping up and down like I did when I was six and my grandpa promised me ice cream. Some things never change, it seems.
Some things, though, do change and the things that change perhaps do so for the best.
Today, I am happy, confident, a pile of organized chaos basking in the sunshine of life and this lovely day. I am easily excited, easily amused and easily made happy. These things that are now so much of who I am weren’t always my identifying features however. There was a time when I wasn’t actually sure I’d live to see twenty four, let along nineteen. I wallowed in self-pity for a few too many years, slide in and out of depression and found myself dallying outside suicide’s door, waiting to accept a dare that would end it all. I didn’t take that dare, I had a wake-up call, I found a new mantra for life and here we are, six years later, having this lovely conversation.
Today, I am me, an ever evolving being, complete with sporadic outbursts of nonsense sounds, overly animated gestures and mini explosions of frolic filled joy. A new year of my journey through this life begins today and in the next 365 days I aim to carry on as I have the last five years, cultivating a practice of happiness. This year, my cultivation encompasses a daily journal of thoughts gathered to further positivity and inner-connectedness. In doing so, buried aspects of my person and perhaps some new KiwiBee noises to add to my library of self-made sound effects for life may be found along the way.
Until tomorrow!


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