Seasonal Trails

Taking pictures is something I absolutely adore, especially when I am out on the trails escaping civilization for a while. Flowers, little creatures, big scenery shots are all popular foci for my photos, but since I moved to Korea, taking pictures of the trails has become almost an obsession. I love them not only because they provide a simply wonderful outlet for wandering, but because they create great visuals. The trails wander up the mountainside, cutting gently through the forest and past jumbles of rock, offering views of the harbor and a panoramic shots of the city from the peak. Most of the trails have some sort of steps built into part of them, as the mountains are rather steep. For me, it is a rare day if I do not take a picture of the stairs while on the mountain. I hope you enjoy the climb as much as I do!

As always, thank you to Cee for another wonderful photo challenge and topic.


9 thoughts on “Seasonal Trails

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