Everyday Trifles: Life in the Past

It’s Thursday, which means it is time for my feature, Everyday Trifles! Woot woot! This is the first post in this new, weekly series. Before going any further, I would like to thank Ydandgavhal for the inspiration behind the name of the feature. Thank you so much!

My feature posts focus on the everyday scenes of wherever I am currently living. You can read more about it here. For this first feature post, I would like to share a little piece of the more traditional, older part of life in Yeosu, South Korea.

Today in Yeosu most people seem to live in apartments. There are hundreds of towering complexes scattered throughout the city. They rise up like fingers, clustered every few blocks. All of them look quite similar, with white exteriors, rows of wide windows and staircases every two apartment lengths. The complexes are the very picture of modernization, getting ahead, assimilating into the way of life driven by technology, performance and dedication. Between these white compact structures however, is a world of narrow streets, old houses in varying stages of dilapidation, gardens and the older, quieter way of life. It is only in the last few months that my feet found their way to these paths and I immediately fell in love with the quaintness, colors and haphazard layout of these neighborhoods. To me, these nooks  are a gems in the every growing sea of cookie-cutter construction.



5 thoughts on “Everyday Trifles: Life in the Past

  1. Great idea for a feature. Its fascinating to hear about everyday life in other countries, what seems an everyday trifle to one person is an exotic pavlova to another. Terrific pictures too, I love the photo of the bicycle in the alley. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I definitely agree. Seeing and reading about life in other countries is fabulous! I love, love, love exploring the town where I live and have had a great time seeing daily life in a new light. Thank you for stopping by!

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