Day 22: On the Move Photo Challenge

Alas, I am still catching up on posts from last week! For day twenty-two’s assignment I decided to do the new weekly photo challenge from Word Press. The theme this week is On the Move. With this idea in mind, I set off to shinae (d0wntown) which is a very popular destination on the weekends due to the big market. After  wandering around the stalls and my favorite shops I decided to stop to rejuvenate with some coffee. While sipping my cappuccino I had a great view of the street from the upstairs windows. Buses roared past, cars swerved here and there honking, and ajamas (elderly women) walked down the side of the road pulling and pushing various rickety carts. At the market using carts is very common. Vendors often push carts of their goods down the streets and through the narrow market aisles while customers tote smaller carts behind them, usually complete with buckets to carry their fish, fruits, vegetables and other purchases. Here is a small collection of photos taken with my iPad of some of these ladies on the move with their carts.


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