Day 24: Round up

One of the greatest strengths of photography is its ability to transport viewers to different places and times. As a kid, National Geographic was my favorite magazine for this reason. There was nothing like turning through those glossy pages and breathing in the colors, cultures, stories and lives captured in the images. This joy helped inspired my own love of taking pictures, for while they aren’t quite the professionalism of National Geographic, they capture my own stories and memories. For day twenty-four’s assignment, I decided to focus on photo galleries, particularly with a travel theme. Having just returned from a short trip to Hiroshima, Japan, where I experienced a devastating history through photographs and in turn took my own images of the city’s amazing ability to heal yet remember peacefully, I was curious to see where fellow bloggers have been visiting recently. My perusal of the Word Press reader gave to me some beautiful gems.

One gallery took me to an Abbey to explore the ancient stones and structure. In this post Katie shows us the beautiful Newstead Abbey. I especially love her close up shots that give a different perspective of the Abbey. Another gallery took me to new streets, new life, new people. In this post, Ron gets personal with his pictures from Zagreb which feature a variety of people doing their daily tasks. Taking pictures of people, especially strangers is something I am working on and I really admire the casual feel of his images. While the first two galleries featured beautiful color images, I stumbled across this gallery of images on Life in Pictures capturing some beautiful black and white images by Andre du Plessis. The images are stunning in their contrast, emotion and ability to turn the every day into a work of heart. The last gallery I found was a reminder that while great adventures happen far from home, sometimes the greatest travel happens right outside our own doors, as evidenced by Quotidian Diary’s recently post.

Thank you to these four bloggers for letting me share in their journeys. I loved seeing these new parts of the world through your eyes.




4 thoughts on “Day 24: Round up

  1. Thanks for the mention and introducing some more great blogs to look at. I love your “round-up” post, it’s so well written and I’m really impressed that you’re keeping up so well with the zero to hero quest, keep up the good work. 🙂

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