Day 11: Be a Good Neighbor

Day 11 of the Blogging 101 challenge asked us to visit several blogs and leave comments. Over the past few weeks I have begun following many blogs, but haven’t had enough time to really explore them. Thanks to this challenge, I made some time and wandered into the amazing wonderland of thoughts, creativity and inspiration from so many amazing people. Here are a few of the blogs and posts that I especially liked and commented on. Commenting is still something I am becoming comfortable with, but minutes after leaving a message on some posts I received a reply which led to a few short conversations. That was super encouraging and fun. I feel lucky to have met such a kind, open and inspirational group of bloggers.

Remind Your Mind – a blog about self-awareness and seeing life as it is.

Euphonic Charity – I especially like this post because the author had to deal with a tough situation regarding a comment on her blog and the positive manner in which she handled it was really inspiring. Rude comments happen in real-life and virtual life, and it is nice to see how positively and eloquently such situations can be handled.

A Day in the Life – I liked this post because it was a creative sharing and an example of the cool ways photography can be played with to achieve different effects.

This, That and The Other Thing – I stumbled across this post after seeing the post on A Day in the Life. I liked seeing all the different ways that photographers played with the same image and the different emotions each version created.

Sunday Stills– And, because I loved the previous two posts, I found my way to the blog which started the chain of posts I spent so much time admiring. I really like this photo challenge because of the communal yet individual aspect.

Spirit Grind – a beautiful blog about spirituality, among other topics. I like the uplifting and encouraging message of this post.

Thank you to all these great bloggers and their beautiful work. I am so happy to have stumbled across your blogs and posts.


9 thoughts on “Day 11: Be a Good Neighbor

  1. Thanks for the mention. I feel honored to be included in such a noteworthy group.

    One of my favorite aspects of this assignment is finding blogs through the recommendation of others that I never would have found on my own!

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