Marvelous Night


photo 1 (3)

Tonight we climbed out of the rut of existence we’ve been in and met at our favorite kimbap nara after A got off work. We took our kimbap to a nearby park on top of a mini-mountain overlooking Yeosu-dong, the neighborhood where we live. Surprisingly, as it was nearly 9:30 P.M.,  the park was full of walkers going ’round and ’round the tiny track. So, we settled on a bench under the trees overlooking the city and enjoyed our little section of solitude in the beloved park.


photo 3 (3)

The blooming trees in the park and around Yeosu, along with the spectacular warm weather today are signs that real, full-blown spring is coming! We just have to survive the forecasted rain and clouds over the next few days…weeks?

photo 2 (3)

A and I both love less traveled, narrow, winding paths. Maybe it is because they feel secretive or as if they have stories to tell, but some days we seek them out. This is one of those paths close to our apartment that we sort of re-discovered tonight. To me the light looks like a candle guiding us home.



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