Daily Prompt: Lingering in the Leaving

I like to play with different kinds of writing. Lately I’ve been experimenting with flash fiction. This is a flash in response to two daily prompts: If you leave and linger.


The alarm sounds, a tinkling fairy song, coming from her cell phone on the floor. Sleep keeps her still, though her brain registers that a reaction is required. He rolls over and pushes against her, urging her to silence the fairies. Eyes still closed, her hand finds the phone and silences it. The phone drops back to the floor and sleep drags them under again, quieting the awakening flood of words, emotions lodged in their brains from the night before.

She turns onto her side and he wraps his body around her. It is a natural, unconscious movement developed over countless hours slumbering side by side. Their bodies press together. Warmth surrounds them, heavy and comforting.

Alarm two breaks through the surface of the sleeping sea half an hour later. Her eyes flutter, open, close, struggling to escape the dreaming world and emerge into the morning.

Open. The empty dresser drawers. Close.

Open. The suitcases by the bedroom door. Close.

Open. Sunlight fractures against the frosted glass of the porch door. It fills the room with a yellow glow and brings a smile to her lips that wakes the muscles in her face.

She rolls onto her back and stares up at the yellow patch shining on the ceiling. He shifts, nestling his head into her chest. She cradles him, stroking the roughness of the day-old beard on his cheeks and the coarseness of his curly hair. In the tranquility of sunny mornings they are right.

It is the moments of silence, with the sunlight brightening the room, that she will miss the most. Those quiet, stolen moments of shared solitude.

She lingers a few moments more then gently kisses his head and slips from his embrace before their words can shatter their cocoon of perfection.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lingering in the Leaving

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