February 23

The bracelet was red, in varying shades. Two thin bands of braided leather wove around the wider, main band which had the clasp on it. Nine beads, light brown and olive green, slid around on one of the braided strands. On the other was a feather pendant, silver and textured.

The feather sold the bracelet.

It was carefully wrapped in several layers of cloth and a little yellow plastic bag before being taken to the post office. The smallest box was too big, even with the notes nestled next to the bundle. After some consideration, taking into account its delicate nature, the bundle with the bracelet was put inside an envelope. The envelope was folded to better encase it. Two layers of tape coated the envelope before it was slid into another envelope and similarly taped. Somehow, crossing an ocean always seemed to damage packages.

With a careful hand, the ship to and return addressed were written in blue pen and taped over. The shipment form was appropriately marked, the package weighed and ₩2,000 exchanged for the promise that it would arrive within ten days.

March 7

The line- family, friends, co-workers, classmates, acquaintances- walked past for one last memory. So many flowers surrounded her that it was easy to pretend that she was simply resting in a field, the wildflowers framing her face. Some touched her cheeks, still smooth, as they passed by. Others smiled, remembering the long, bouncing curls that once blew in the breeze and the voice that soared, cutting through the air with such clarity.

Words were shared. Thoughts, wishes, love, expressed. And, as darkness fell on her, wrapping her in its eternity, the candles burning bright shimmered off the tiny, silver feather on her wrist, giving her flight.


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