Beyond Instagram: Playing with New Apps

Today I started playing with some of the photo editing apps talked about in the Daily Post: Beyond Instagram. I downloaded PicLab and AfterPhoto for my iPad and it has been such a blast playing with them. Here are a few of my photos from playing around and experimenting with filters and textures.

coffeelove1My boyfriend is a great sport and plays along with all my whims. Sometimes bribery with coffee is necessary, but since when do we not want coffee?? Win-win!

photo 2On my walk home from teaching. I love the lights all over the buildings here. They are sort of mesmerizing because there are literally thousands of signs on every street.

sunrisesunriseA couple of months ago we took a sunrise hike up a nearby mountain. It was such a beautiful way to start the day and reminded me that sometimes getting up early is the best way to get out of a routine and break the ‘going through the motions’ habits that develop so quickly.


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